Our definitive guide to houses in multiple occupation


Requires Compliance

A HMO differs from a standard property as it has to comply with certain council regulations.These include, minimum room sizes, kitchen space, fire safety strategies and a minimum number of bathrooms and toilets.

Has Higher Costs

Due to the one property having multiple tenants, the runnings costs for a HMO are higher than a standard property.Council taxes, utility charges, wifi and water usage will typically be paid by the landlord.

Earns Multiple Rents

The landlord however receives separate rents from each individual tenant.

For example, a 5 bedroom HMO in Manchester will charge £550 per room, resulting in a total of £2,750 in rent per month.

Tackles the Housing Crisis

It’s no secret that the UK has a shortage of housing - and affordable housing at that.

HMO’s create multipole, affordable living spaces out of one property and are a solution to both the housing shortage and the increased cost of living.

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