We find property investments for property investors. HMO Property Sourcing & Project Management in the UK property market.
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What is an HMO?

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Jiten & Jital
United Kingdom

"I would definitely recommend the end to end service. Dean is a great guy, runs a really professional business and communicates very well"

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Kayman W
Hong Kong

"Just looking at the deal sheet I can imagine home responsible the sourcing agent is"

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"Parata Property has been professional, reliable and fast. All my questions have been answered with no hesitation and they do they hard yards so investors are get the best returns with the best properties."

About Us

Your Trusted Partner for HMO Investments in the U.K.

Founded in 2020, Parata Property offers a turn-key service for national and international investors navigating the complexities of the UK's North West property market.We specialise in HMO property sourcing and project management and have successfully delivered 37 projects with an accumulative transaction value of £9 million by being a trusted partner ensuring a smooth and successful investment journey.


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Decades of experience in the industry

Our specialist team are fully capable of ensuring your property journey is a smooth and seamless process.
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Project Wheat

ROI: 22%

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What does Parata Property do?
What is an HMO?
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Robert T

“I Would recommend to anyone (and have been). Parata Property completely alleviated all stress on the property I purchased in Wigan. Working with Parata Property would undoubtedly be one of the best decisions I have ever made”

Kayman W
Hong Kong

"Just looking at the deal sheet I can imagine home responsible the sourcing agent is"

Terry K
Hong Kong

"On budget, on time, the quality is perfect and the hassle free service is unbeatable"

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