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Dean Parata

Managing Director

June 15, 2022

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Sunny Bolton! Where do we start? This quiet achiever has largely slid under the radar over the past few years but is increasingly becoming more and more popular for shrewd investors.

Sunny Bolton! Where do we start? This quiet achiever has largely slid under the radar over the past few years but is increasingly becoming more and more popular for shrewd investors. Whilst already holding the title as the largest town in the UK, this Lancashire jewel can also boast of not only what it currently has, but also what's to come. With major players such as Amazon, Aldi, Lidl and Whistl setting up base for the long term and a £1 billion plus investment strategy currently underway, investors first time and seasoned would do well to not look past Greater Manchester's best kept secret.

As a key developing area in Manchester, Bolton has seen a huge increase in investments over recent years. Benefiting from the ‘ripple effect’ of Manchester's boom, this town has been pinpointed for additional funding, which is great news when it comes to increased employment possibilities as well as social and housing opportunities. If you are planning to buy or sublet a property in this hot spot, you may just find it to be an ideal investment!

Bolton is in such a strategic location, which makes it incredibly convenient for daily commuters - something which is a huge asset for those seeking accommodation! With a short 15-20 minute train journey to reach the city, it is incredibly accessible and only a short distance from Wigan, Stockport, Bury, Blackburn, Preston and Leeds.

1. Increased Job Opportunity

Amazon, Whistle, Aldi and Lidl! Heard of these major companies!? Well Bolton just happens to be the home to them, making it a ‘hotspot’ for employment opportunities. The economy of Bolton is currently booming among other parts of the UK outside of London. It also houses some reputed digital companies with online fashion retailers. So, one can expect to establish a business or secure employment by investing in a property in Bolton!

Moreover, the town offers substantial work-life balance due to the options of leisure sports and recreational facilities. There are a couple of annual festivals like the Bolton Food and Drink Festival and the Ironman UK race. The council has invested a great deal in developing tourism to make this place an attractive spot for the establishment!

2. Close Proximity to Universities

Bolton is a major investment area due to the famous universities in Manchester. For instance, the University of Bolton hosts more than 25,000 students each year from across the globe. It is also a silver-rated “Teaching Intensive, Research Informed” University. This University equips cutting edge infrastructure and recreational and educational facilities. The University is a major employer and is expanding quickly to accommodate a huge student population across all sectors.

Besides this, Bolton is a hub for management expertise thanks to the Institute of Management, next to the brand new transport exchange!

3. Higher Rental Yields

Did someone say low purchase costs? Bolton has higher rental yields than other places in the UK due to the low purchase costs of properties! Thus, buyers can make more money without increasing the rental fees! Additionally, the increased number of offices, housing and commercial units mean lower prices. Those considering moving to Bolton could find this working in their favour.

What’s more!? There are several ongoing investments in specific areas of Bolton set to be complete by 2030. These developments could attract over £1 billion in public and private sector investment and create over 20,000 jobs.

Owing to the rising demand for property in this area, the price points of properties are guaranteed to only increase over the coming years. You’ve heard it said before, “don’t wait to buy, buy and wait”. Well, at Parata Property we’ve tweaked this old adage slightly and think the following is more appropriate, “don’t wait to buy in Bolton, buy in Bolton and watch the value of your property skyrocket!”

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